Abortion Health & Safety Checklist

Know the facts. Know your options.

For your own health and safety it is imperative that you are fully informed and 100% sure that
you are in a place that puts your health and needs above everything else. Often abortion
seems like a ‘quick fix’ that will make everything snap back to normal, but the fact is that
whatever decision you make - abortion, carry and parent, carry and release for adoption - will
have lifelong consequences for you.

Take your time to carefully research all of your options before you make a final decision. You
have time. Slow down and make sure this is the best choice for you. If you have any questions
about any of these checkpoints please call Alpha Omega Center to discuss your concerns with
one of our staff members. We will take the time to explain everything to you and answer your

Go through the points below and check any that apply to you.

❏ I am 100% sure I am pregnant.
❏ I have had an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy and ensure that it is progressing normally.
❏ I have carefully researched all abortion procedures.
❏ I have carefully researched all the potential physical complications that could arise due to an abortion.
❏ I have carefully researched all the potential emotional complications that could arise due to an abortion.
❏ The abortion clinic has shown me, in writing, that they will care for me if I experience any side effects or complications.
❏ The abortion doctor has hospital privileges at a local hospital and I have been given documentation to prove this.
❏ I have carefully researched the abortion clinic and I am sure that they have not had any lawsuits filed against them.
❏ I have carefully researched the abortion clinic and I am absolutely sure that no women have been hospitalized, injured, or suffered serious complications due to an abortion performed at this clinic.
❏ I have been tested for STDs.
❏ I have carefully researched fetal development.


If you cannot check each of these boxes go back and make sure that you have done everything
necessary to prepare for this procedure. If you arrive at the clinic and you are not comfortable
with what is going on, you are free to leave. At no point can the clinic detain you. If you are
frightened and feel that you cannot leave call the police immediately. Know that nobody can
force you to have an abortion; this decision is completely up to you. If someone is forcing you to
have an abortion and you are in immediate danger please call 911. If someone is pressuring
you or threatening you, call 911 and also contact Alpha Omega Center or the Justice Foundation
at 210-614-7157.