Pregnancy Testing - Near Butler, PA

Not sure if you're pregnant? These are some symptoms that indicate that you might be in the early stages of pregnancy:


• Excessive tiredness and/or sleepiness

• Nausea

• Appetite change

• Sore / swollen breasts

• Frequent urination

• Moodiness

• Irregularities in your period

• Missed period

Don't Wait and Worry Yourself Needlessly

Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure. Often these symptoms signal something different. It is important that you speak with a medical professional who can answer your questions and give you the information that you need.


At Alpha Omega Center our medical professionals will help you find out if you’re pregnant and, if you are, they will determine how far along you are and whether or not your pregnancy is viable (able to progress). Our pregnancy tests are hospital grade and accurate as early as seven days following conception.

You can schedule a pregnancy test at anytime during the day or night. Schedule an appointment online today.